Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet Zoe

One of the reasons, that Gabe and I wanted to move home, was so we could spend more time with Marianna. It was very important to us. Since we agreed to be her Godparents, we wanted to be active in her life. Not just a phone call, once a week.

Our Commadre is a good inspiration for this. She is very active, in all her Goddaughters' lives. It's super important to her. She makes special trips out here, for birthday parties, dance recitals, things like that. She can tell you what size, each girl wears. Favorite colors. The must have toys. And favorite characters. Wow! We only have 1 Goddaughter, and I have a tough time, keeping it all straight!!

As my pregnancy is coming close to it's end, I feel like we need to spend more time with Marianna. Show her, that she's still important to us. Since March, we've gotten really close to her. She stopped relying so much on her momma for food. Which meant, more sleepovers for us!!

While getting to know our Goddaughter, there are certain things that just make me smile. Girl loves her some frijoles! Like nobody's business! Gabe is getting her addicted to Bueno tortillas. Sorry David!! Marianna can talk your ear off. But it's the sweetest sound!! She loves her twin brother to no end!! Whenever Marianna stays with us, we have to call David Jr. (aka, "The Boy.") They talk for a good 15 minutes. Telling each other about their day, how much they love each other, and goodnight. It melts your heart!!

We're also learning, don't you mess with Marianna's Sesame Street time!! Don't do it. We have to watch both the english, and the spanish version. Even if, on the rare occasion, it's the same show. Oh, and don't get between Marianna and her BFF...Zoe!!

Yes, this rather ugly, orange creature, is our Goddaughter's BFF!! Her smile gets bigger, there's a twinkle in her eye, and those belly laughs grow...whenever Zoe is on!! Why Zoe? I don't know! But that's her gal!

We've asked our Commadre to make an outfit, just like Zoe's, for Marianna. One of her Christmas presents. :) I'm pretty sure, we've bought out Target, of all Zoe products. Gabe and I, are actually looking forward, to heading north. Hopefully, we can find some new products out there!

And Miss Zoe, must always be tucked in with Marianna. Yes, this ugly orange creature, is a MUST!! Don't forget her. It makes me wonder, what glorious character, is our daughter going to love??