Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planning a Trip Home

We are planning a trip home! Sanchoncito is too. With the work that Gabe and Sanchoncito do, it is hard to get away. It is difficult to take time off and to get to travel home. But we are ending a traveling tour. We have 2 weeks off, and we are going home. Well, the guys do have a show in Las Vegas, but it is close to home!

While we are there, we are going to Marissa's 4th Birthday Party! At least I am. The guys have to work. 4 years old! Girl is getting old!! We are also going to spend some much needed time in our Palace in the Desert, as my husband refers to our home. And eventually we will make it up to see our parents for a few days.

To tell you the truth, I am just looking forward to some time with our friends. The Matanza sounds too good to be true!! And it is green chile season. I can't wait to smell the fresh roasting chile! Gabe is dying for some Bueno corn tortillas!! Now, it is time to actually start planning this trip home. ♥L